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Sister Act is the feel-good musical comedy smash based on the hit 1992 film that has audiences jumping to their feet! Featuring original music by Tony- and eight-time Oscar winner, Alan Menken (Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors), this uplifting musical was nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

When disco diva, Deloris Van Cartier, witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in the one place the cops are sure she won't be a found: a convent! Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique disco moves and singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and community but, in doing so, blows her cover. Soon, the gang is giving chase, only to find them up against Deloris and the power of her newly found sisterhood.

Filled with powerful gospel music, outrageous dancing and a truly moving story, Sister Act will leave audiences breathless. A sparkling tribute to the universal power of friendship, Sister Act is reason to REJOICE!

*PLEASE NOTE*: Please be aware that SISTER ACT contains threats and incidents of gun violence, archaic racial/LGBTQ+ language, religious criticism, and mentions of drugs, anti-semitism, sexuality, and conservative viewpoints. There is also brief profanity. If cast, actors under the age of 18 will need parental consent to participate.


Ages 15 - 22*

*Performers outside the age range
will be considered on a case-by-case basis


Auditions will be held on the following dates. Sign up for an audition slot, and see the character breakdowns below:

  • Friday September 22nd 5pm-7:30pm (Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave)

  • Saturday September 23rd 5pm-7:30pm (Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave)


Callbacks will be held on Sunday, September 24th, from 1:00pm. You will be notified shortly after your audition if you are requested back for the callbacks. For this, you will need clothes & shoes that you can move in. Callbacks will be done by 6pm at the latest.

Prepare 32 bars (or a short cut) of a musical theater song appropriate for the style of the show. Accompanist provided (bring sheet music). Please bring a second contrasting song in case we want to hear more. Bring a headshot/resume if available.

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our students safe, we are requesting proof of vaccinations at the auditions. All staff members involved with the production will be fully vaccinated. For any questions or concerns, please reach out at


If you are unable to make it to the in-person auditions, click here for instructions on how to submit a video audition. Note that the video audition deadline is Friday, September 22nd.



Rehearsals are Fridays from 5pm-9pm, Saturdays from 1pm-6pm, and Sundays from 1pm-6pm in Midtown Manhattan (Ripley-Grier Studios, Open Jar Studios, or other Midtown West rehearsal studios). There will be additional rehearsals and tech in the theater December 3rd-7th (The Center at West Park).


Click here for the full rehearsal schedule. We will be asking for a completed conflicts sheet at the auditions.


December 8th - December 10th

The Center at West Park (165 W 86th St, New York, NY 10024)

$825.00 (Payment plans and needs based partial scholarships available)

Not an actor, but want to get involved?

Click here to find out more about opportunities in our Youth Orchestra, Technical Theater, Stage Management, and other internships and youth development.


ENSEMBLE - The various nuns, police officers, bar denizens, back up dancers, criminals and inhabitants of Philadelphia that help create the world of the story. These include, but are not limited to: Bar Patron, Waitress, Pool Player, Cab Driver, Fantasy Dancers, Newscaster, etc.

DELORIS VAN CARTIER - A strong-willed, feisty, street wise aspiring singer who gets caught up with the wrong crowd. After witnessing a crime involving her ex-boyfriend, she gets put in witness protection in the local convent as a nun! While initially reluctant to accept this lifestyle change, the more she spends time with the sisters, the more she realizes the sisters are exactly what she needs. Vocal range: F#5-E3


EDDIE SOUTHER - The desk chief at the Philadelphia police station, and a high school classmate of Deloris who helps her go into hiding! Facing a lot of nerves when under pressure, he sweats profusely, which has earned him the nickname "Sweaty Eddie." Though it's been years, he still yearns for Deloris and dreams of being her hero. A good guy with a heart of gold. Vocal range: B4-Ab2

MOTHER SUPERIOR - The well-meaning and devoted leader of the convent, she is not afraid to voice her opinion. Sarcastic and a bit stiff, she is extremely protective of her sisters and the church, and puts them first above all else. Frequently at odds with Deloris and her musical teachings, but eventually comes around and accepts her. Vocal range: E5-D3

CURTIS JACKSON - A club owner, notorious gangster, and Deloris' boyfriend. Confident, smooth, and dishonest, he's always in control of his actions, the people around him, and any situation he finds himself in. A chilled out criminal, he believes no one can touch him... or so he thinks. Vocal range: Ab4-A2

SISTER MARY ROBERT - A postulant and the abbey's youngest inhabitant who was abandoned as a baby and raised in the convent. Shy and soft-spoken, her wallflower lifestyle has made her live a shell of a life. While she enjoys being a nun, it is singing and her friendship with Deloris that helps her find her voice. Vocal range: A5-F#3

SISTER MARY PATRICK - A nun at the convent who always looks at the bright side. She is consistently perky, upbeat, over the top, enthusiastic, and easily excitable! Vocal range: G3-E6

SISTER MARY LAZARUS - One of the oldest nuns, and the head of the choir. The least welcoming of all the nuns and deadpan, Deloris's love of music eventually wins her over. Strong rhythmic timing a plus. Vocal range: B4-F3

TJ - The youngest of Curtis's henchmen, and his nephew, it's clear he got the job because of his uncle. Deft and cognizant of the fact, he is constantly in a state of ignorant bliss. Not the brightest bulb in the bunch, and easily manipulated. Vocal range: Eb5-Db3

JOEY - Curtis's head henchmen who believes himself to be quite the ladies' man (even though he's not)! An upbeat charmer who is always ready with a joke, but does what he's told without question. Vocal range: Eb5-Bb2

PABLO - One of Curtis's main henchmen, and the muscle of the group. A natural follower who leans into his role as the strong silent type. A slick, smooth dude. Vocal range: F5-C4

MONSIGNOR O'HARA - A friendly, good-natured gentleman and one of the heads of the convent. Very concerned about financial matters, his bottom line is to save the church. Though Mother Superior is reluctant, O'Hara loves the change Deloris brings, and is a huge supporter. Vocal range: G4-E3

SISTER MARY MARTIN-OF-TOURS - A nun at the convent who is clearly in her own world, but has moments of surprising clarity!

SISTER MARY THERESA - The oldest nun of the group. Decrepit at a glance, but secretly packs a punch!

MICHELLE - One of Deloris' back-up singers, and part of her fabulous girl group! Lippy, and always quick with a retort. Vocal range: F5-Bb3

TINA - One of Deloris' back-up singers, and part of her fabulous girl group! A little thick and naive. Vocal range: F5-Ab3

ERNIE - Another one of Curtis' henchmen. Initially thought to be a mindless yes-man, but turns out to be an undercover police informant.


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