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NexGen Youth Orchestra gives young musicians the opportunity to work on fully staged musicals with other talented young artists, and to work alongside musical directors in the industry.


At NexGen Youth Theatre, we believe in creating opportunities for young people in every aspect of the theater industry. For our fully-produced Spring and Fall MainStage productions, we audition young musicians (high school through college) to be a part of our NexGen Youth Orchestra.


The types of instruments and number of musicians vary from show to show. These musicians get the experience of the fast-paced rehearsal process in the world of musical theater, and get to work with a professional Music Director who frequently works with, and hires, musicians in the professional world.

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Spring MainStage Production: COMPANY

Submission Deadline: Sunday May 7th


Sondheim's game-changing musical is a sophisticated and honest look at modern adult relationships. Largely regarded as a trailblazer of the dark-comedy, modern-musical genre and the winner of six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Lyrics and Best Book, Company contains the universal themes of marriage, connection, loneliness, vulnerability, and commitment. 

On the eve of his 35th birthday, confirmed bachelor, Robert, struggles to blow out his candles and contemplates his unmarried state. Over the course of a series of dinners, drinks and even a wedding, his friends – "those good and crazy people [his] married friends" – explain the pros and cons of marriage, and urge him to finally settle down. Through an array of often hilarious interactions, including with three different girlfriends, Robert begins to understand and question his adamant retention of bachelorhood, and discover the true meaning and value of connection. 

Company features a brilliantly brisk and energetic score containing many of Stephen Sondheim's best known songs, including "Being Alive," "Getting Married Today," "Drive A Person Crazy," "Another Hundred People" and "Ladies who Lunch." 

PLEASE NOTE: We are requesting proof of vaccinations for anyone joining the program. All staff members, students, and interns involved with the production will be fully vaccinated. For any questions or concerns, please reach out at


Rehearsals and performances will take place at the Rose Nagelberg Theatre (55 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010). The orchestra rehearsals will mostly occur during our tech week in the theater (afternoons/evenings June 5th-8th), with 4 performances from June 9th - 11th. One orchestra rehearsal might be scheduled the week before tech, but it is the musician's responsibility to study their music on their own time. Availability will be asked on your audition form.


To audition, click on the link below and find the appropriate side for your instrument(s). The specific excerpt with measure numbers is included in the file name. Please reach out to the music director, Alex Ngo, at if you have additional questions. The recording can be done very simply (with a phone camera is fine), and then uploaded to either Google Drive, Dropbox or a private YouTube link. Once the video is uploaded, please fill out the audition form below, and paste the link to the video there.

*NOTE*: Before auditioning, please be advised that musicians under the age of 18 will need parental consent to participate.

COMPANY Orchestration Parts

(Download the music audition sides by clicking HERE)

  • Alto Flute*

  • Alto Sax*

  • Bari Sax*

  • Bass

  • Bass Clarinet*

  • Bassoon*

  • Cello

  • Clarinet*

  • Drums

  • Eb Clarinet*

  • English Horn*

  • Flute*

  • Oboe*

  • Piano

  • Piccolo*

  • Tenor Sax*

  • Trombone

  • Trumpet

  • Viola

  • Violin 1 and 2

*See info on Reed doubling below


  1. You only have to play the measure numbers listed in the name of the pdf

  2. This version of Company was orchestrated for Reed 1 (Flute, Alto Sax, Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Flute, Eb Clarinet), Reed 2 (Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Oboe, English Horn), and Reed 3 (Clarinet, Bari Sax, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet). Reed doublers are helpful, but you do not have to play every single reed listed, nor the exact combination. If you play multiple reeds, please send in videos of the instruments you are most comfortable on, and include in your form any additional reeds you play." 

  3. Your recording doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect. Do your best.

  4. Listen to the Broadway Cast Recording to give you an idea of each song’s feel and tempo.

Any questions, email

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